Character Citizenship Building Programme

  • Ethical values, examples from daily life situations, extracts from quotations of great men, incidents and problems that develop value judgment among students, dramas, dialogues, simple poems and scriptures from world religion and communities should form a considerable part of the content along with the biographies of great men.
  • Yoga and other activities develop self-discipline among students. Group activities like cleaning the college campus, visiting slums, visiting hospitals, visiting places of worship of different faiths, visiting the rural areas, research centers can be a part of the content in value education.
  • Discourses on the lives of spirituals leaders can bring out values like self-sacrifice, collective happiness, love of truth and ultimate values of life for which the great leaders lived.
  • Personality development retreats could be held to enable the students to develop self-control, punctuality, sharing and caring, respect for each other, cooperation and learning.