Who we are and our purpose ?

SAYKF, Sri Aurobindo Yoga and Knowledge Foundation is a Socio Spiritual Organization working towards creating equal opportunities for all, ensuring quality education, rural development and sustainable development.

SAYKF , believes integral development of a being is essential for development of a nation. Founded in 2020, with a vision based on the philosophy of Integral Yoga given by great yogi Maharishi Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. With our extension offices in Puducherry & New Delhi, India.

What we do ?

SAYKF by it's initiative bring shift in consciousness

Our Vision

To incorporate emotional, spiritual and intelligence Quotient and make integral and holistic development a part of each citizen's lives.

Our Values

Passion: We will work with spiritual and entrepreneurial zeal to achieve organizational objective. Integrity: We will be truthful to ourselves and our objective of foundation. Respect: We will respect our integral and external stakeholder, diversity of people, ideas and culture. Innovation: We will promote replicable, scalable and innovation at our workplace. Collaboration: We will strive to do collective growth by upholding our core purpose, cooperating with each other and honoring commitments.